Ars poetica


Our teachers are decisive for us to this day, because they not only planted something in us, but nurtured it until we all accepted it as our profession. We are not talking about sounds, melodies or dance orders, but about what music gives us and what we can give to this world. It’s not just our hobby, it’s our profession. This duality carries what is good for us and the daily routine that crystallizes it. The best is when we play together, as well as listening together is the real thing, because the community makes the feeling of playing music almost extraterrestrial.

We have always been social people, so we want to be the link between communities and Hungarian folk music! We consider it important to give our audience as much as possible – both for listening and for the experience of playing music, because the spice of the music and the colorful taste of the culture lies there in all of us. Our many years of friendship and togetherness are the foundation of our art. Our common goal is to live our traditions and make them widely known and to pursue the vocation that is in our heart: Hungarian folk music with unbroken perseverance, dedication and respect.


The Band