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National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Halmos Béla program

Our website www.tarsolyband.com is updated with the support of National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Halmos Béla program; ID: A2025/N0224


  • New members are now present on site
  • New photos of the band are now uploaded
  • Renewed ‘Media’ menu: Now ‘Gallery’ and ‘Music’ menupoints could be easier maintained by every user
  • Entire website is now translated to English

New album released

Dear visitor!

We have released our new album “Patakparton” at Easter 2017 that is to collect folk music from Rákos.

“The musicians on this CD are members of an ensemble of enthusiastic, educated young people from or around the settlements of the wider region, who turned to the folk music of the region with interest and were happy to learn back from the music and phonograph recordings collected by Bartók.”

Dr. Tari Lujza
Szabolcsi Award-winning folk music researcher

New website

We proudly welcome our visitors on our new website.