Ars poetica


It has been ten years since we found traditional music and five years since we started playing it together on a daily basis. Our teachers have been key figures in our lives as not only did they plant the seed in us but nourished it until we all chose music as our profession. I am not talking about notes or tunes, but what this music gives us and what we can give the world through it. This is our hobby and our profession. This duality contains both what is dear to our hearts and the daily routine that perfects it. It is better to play music together, just like it is better to listen to it together. It is the euphoria that we experience TOGETHER that makes the feeling unearthly. We have always enjoyed being part of a community and the main pillar of our community is music. That is why we would truly like to be the link between people and connect them through our music.

We find it important to give our audience as much as possible with the feeling, the experience of playing together, and the taste of this colorful culture inside us. Our long friendship and convergence is an essential bond, without which we could not be talking about art. Our joint objective is to live this culture, promote and make it loved widely. In addition, it is the dream of every one of us to try ourselves as teachers as well, so that what started in us more than ten years ago can be passed on, continued and perfected.


The Band